Jewelyz started with our customers in mind. We do jewelry. Only jewelry. Handcrafted with lots of love in the United States. Personal, individual and even with the option of a unique engraving.

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled shopping experience by delivering exceptional customer service and great merchandise at affordable prices. At Jewelyz, we value quality and honesty above all else.

We work closely with our manufacturers to provide unique and trending products without compromising price. By the way, the majority of our production workface are local working moms earning fair and livable wages.

We strive to carry amazing products that you’ll enjoy! Frequently working on new pendant and charm designs for all kinds of occasions and senses, our catalog is growing bigger each week for you to find the perfect piece. Our newest baby is our dog tag collection which will be online very soon!

We also know that time is precious, so we made shopping simple. With an extensive range of products, you’ll bound to find what you need all in one place. Jewelyz is a brand you can trust.

All our products are backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can shop risk-free and most importantly, stress-free.

Our ultimate goal is create a loyal customer base that will constantly return to our store to simply shop freely, comfortably, and conveniently.

All the best,
Your Jewelyz-Team
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